From the Heart

Perserverance means working toward a goal even when it takes a long time or things get tough, without perserverance and persistence, obstacles hinder us. With persistence we learn from failures and use them as examples to push forward to achieve our goals no matter what they may be.

About five years ago I met a man who had a simple goal, to live another day. His words resonated with me so deeply, I just couldn't imagine at the time to have a goal of simply surviving another day. We all take so much for granted in life and yet here was a man who cherished life itself. Fast forward to 2016 and our paths crossed again. Steve Irigoyen, a man who had survived ten heart attacks, a stroke, numerous stents, and countless trips to the ER sat in front of our camera to tell his story of perseverance. As I listened to him speak I could hear the genuine affection and gratitude for his family, friends and physician. Dr. Ahmad Alturjuman, the interventional cardiologist who has treated Irigoyen is this man's hero. Steve told us "I am alive today thanks to Dr. A." But I have to believe Steve is alive today not only because he had a first rate doctor but because of his perserverance, persistence, and determination to live. That's the American Spirit. So from this day on I vow to never take anything for granted thanks to lessons learned from a man with a true American Spirit. Thank you Steve Irigoyen for putting life in perspective for us all.

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