A Tree for Lucas

Every time I look at a tree near the California ocean I will think of Lucas Ransom. His amazing courage, kindness, and generous ways have touched many lives even after he left this world. On a gorgeous Santa Barbara day Lucas hit the waves with his boogie board and a smile on his face.

No parent expects a child to die before they do, but when the unthinkable happens some find a positive way to channel their grief--that's exactly what Candace Ransom has done. Candace found some measure of relief for her grief while creating hope and meaning for others. She founded Medals of Courage to honor Lucas by continuing his generosity to others. Typical of the American Spirit, one person's act of kindness inspires others who join in and soon the effort grows. Candace collected and donated marathon, half-marathon, and triathlon medals to give to children and families in hospitals fighting illness. As her effort grew so did the tree she planted at the ocean's edge, a symbol of her love for Lucas. Her mission is simple, to share hope and kindness to those facing a difficult journey. Words we could all live by.

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