Cops Granting Wishes

Throughout my years as a journalist I've had the privilege of knowing dozens, perhaps hundreds of families who find themselves fighting for the well-being of their precious children. Many times I look at them and say things like, "I can't imagine," and "how do you do this."

In reality, they don't know how they manage, either. They remain strong for their children because they have to, they put their own needs aside in order to make their child more comfortable. Parents who take care of sick and seriously ill children carry a nagging fear all of the time. What if something happens to my child? The weight of this burden is heavier than you and I can possibly know. What I do know because I've seen it over and over, is the love a parent has for their child makes them superhuman in my eyes. I saw this while shooting an episode of Exploring the American Spirit. The intense love shown to Abigail Grace Snipes overflowed into the hospital hallways making the entire pediatric oncology unit a heavenly place at times. Abigail's parents never waivered in their strength, love and patience as cancer invaded their beautiful daughter. I couldn't possibly understand what it's like to walk in their shoes, but I did see enough to appreciate every single step they took. At 3 A.M. today I tossed and turned trying to sleep but so many thoughts filled my restless mind. As the California sun began to rise I surmised why just as social media posts began to appear, precious Abigail Grace had passed. While our team at American Spirit remains profoundly sad we will never forget seeing the joy brought to Abigail and her family by the Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation in the episode Cops Granting Wishes. Rest in peace little angel Abigail.

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